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A Trio of Kiwis

A Trio of Kiwis

Earlier this year my husband and I went on a cruise around the coast of New Zealand and over to Australia. Most of the passengers on the ship came from America and Canada and the following conversation came up several times with various people.

“I like eating kiwi. They’re very tasty.”

Mr. Munro and I would look at each other in horror before saying, “You mean you like to eat kiwifruit. You can’t go around eating kiwis in New Zealand.”

So, for those of you who are confused I’ll give you some definitions:

A kiwi is a native bird of New Zealand. It’s flightless and nocturnal with a long, narrow beak, which it uses to dig in the ground for bugs and worms. The kiwi is protected—no snacking on these birds—and due to deforestation and the introduction of pests such as stoats, rats and weasels, is becoming increasingly rare.


A kiwifruit—note the addition of the word fruit!—is a brown and fuzzy fruit. When it’s cut open the fruit is green and the middle is flecked with lots of black seeds. The kiwifruit was formerly called a Chinese Gooseberry since the vine originated in China. We have grown kiwifruit in New Zealand since the early 1900s and it was renamed in 1959. We also have golden kiwifruit, which are slightly different. The outside of the fruit is still brown, but they’re a different shape and don’t have the fuzz that the green kiwifruit possess. Inside they’re golden with the fleck of black seeds. The taste is different from the green ones. I think they’re sweeter, and they remind me of honey.


Kiwi is the affectionate name for a New Zealander. If you were to hear the words, here come the Kiwis you’ll mostly likely see a sports team. By definition, I am a Kiwi since I was born in New Zealand.


Many of my books are set in New Zealand, which means they’re full of Kiwis. You’ll know by now, I mean the people.

Have you read a book set in New Zealand? Have you seen a kiwi? Have you tried golden kiwifruit?

Kiwi Fruit: It’s More Than a Pavlova Topping

Thursday Thirteen

I watched a documentary about kiwi fruit this week and immediately thought it would make a great topic for a Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Things About Kiwi fruit.

Kiwi Fruit

1. The Kiwi fruit originally came from China and was named the Chinese Gooseberry.

2. It was grown successfully in New Zealand and was renamed the Kiwi Fruit when New Zealand started to export the fruit to America. A New Zealand export couldn’t be called Chinese!

3. The Kiwi fruit got its name from New Zealand’s national bird, the kiwi. The fuzzy-looking fruit looks a little like the kiwi. I’ve always thought you need a good imagination to see the similarities.

4. It’s a powerhouse of nutrition and full of vitamins and minerals.

5. Kiwi fruit contain more vitamin C than oranges.

6. Kiwi fruit can help improve your immune system, helping you to ward off the affects of stress.

7. Kiwi fruit are good to remove that bloated and blocked sensation. :grin:

8. It’s okay to eat the skin, which contains high levels of flavonoids, insoluble fiber and antioxidants, although I don’t know why anyone would eat it.

9. Kiwi fruit is good for tenderizing meat because it contains an enzyme called Actinidin.

10. Kiwifruit is a member of the botanical family Actinidia and there are 400 different varieties.

11. The flavor is a mixture of peaches, strawberries, and melon with a soft and juicy texture.

12. Kiwi fruit grows on a vine, which can be as high as 15 feet.

13. Kiwi fruit require full sun for growing and thrive in richly composted, deeply dug and well watered soils. They have male and female plants Ideally, male and female plants are planted together about 1meter apart on sturdy frames or arches or wire rows. Kiwi plants require light pruning and protection from frost.

Extra: Down this end of the world they’re an extremely popular garnish for a pavlova.

Do you like kiwi fruit?