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Lie to Me

Thursday Thirteen

Mr. Munro and I have been watching Lie to Me, a show where they use body language and facial expressions to solve a crime. I haven’t heard much buzz about the show online, but we really enjoy it, and for a writer, it’s pure gold. I especially like the way they integrate body language from well known people such as past presidents and celebrities.

Here’s an intro to the show if you haven’t seen it:

Thirteen Anxious/Impatient/Nervous/Tense/Fearful Expressions

1. Clear throat

2. Rapid eye blink

3. Wide eyes

4. Perspire – palms, face, neck, armpits (cold sweat)

5. Tense lips, neck, shoulder muscles

6. Raspy voice (unable to speak)

7. Pale skin

8. Wet lips with tongue/touch lips with finger

9. Bobbing/jumping Adam’s Apple in male

10. Dilated pupils

11. scratching, rubbing, pinching or holding parts of the body

12. Clenched fists

13. Flaring nostrils

Source: my thirteen was taken from an article on Cerridwen author Joanna Waugh’s website. Here’s the link to her list of Body Language Cues to Emotion. Joanna also has heaps of links and resources for the historical writer.

Have you seen the show Lie For Me? If not, do you watch crime shows and which ones are your favorites?