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A Visit to the Barcelona Market

I love markets. The vibrant colors. The different products. The scents and the whole tactile experience. The little samples stallholders hand out. The freshness of it all. Barcelona has a brilliant market, just off La Rambla, the wide thoroughfare in the central city....

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Shop Until You Drop!

For some people shopping is a sport. Others, like me, don’t find the past time as much fun. Battling with crowds—forget about it! There’s a few exceptions to my dislike of shopping. I can shop for books for hours, and I enjoy exploring markets, especially when they’re...

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Faces of China

One of my favorite things to do when visiting another country is to wander around the markets. I like to see the different types of food, and of course, do some people watching. These are some of the photos hubby and I took during our wanders. Banana Lady Sugarcane...

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