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Middlemarch Shifters

It’s All About Family

All the Middlemarch Shifter stories are set in my home country of New Zealand. I didn’t start out to write a series. In fact my aim was to write a paranormal story featuring black leopard shifters. But it soon became obvious that the brothers I’d given Saber Mitchell,...

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Romance on a Shoestring

The hero in my current work-in-progress has money problems, and his marriage is suffering because he is working such long hours. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a dollar stretch to cover necessities, let alone having enough to spare for romance. But that doesn’t mean...

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My Scarlet Woman – Last 2 days for 99c #sale #paranormal

My Scarlet Woman, book 1 in the Middlemarch Shifters series, is available for 99c for two more days, then the price will revert to normal. Hurry or you’ll miss out! My Scarlet Woman Purchase links Amazon US http://amzn.to/1W44Z2c Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1WQqIqX Nook...

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I Like Leopards, I Cannot Lie

I love feline shifters. There’s just something graceful and powerful about big cats that makes them excellent heroes and heroines. Leopards are my favorites when it comes to big cats, and I’ve written over a dozen romances featuring them, although occasionally I’ve...

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A Lady in Red Walks into a Marquee

My Scarlet Woman is out today. Emily wants one perfect night of passion, but what she wants and what she gets are two very different things! My Scarlet Woman is a reissue of Scarlet Woman and includes additional material. It is the first book in my Middlemarch...

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A Black Cat Crossed the Road

What do you think when you see a black cat? Do you mutter about superstitions and run screaming in the opposite direction or do you rub your hands together and watch approvingly while the black cat prowls past? Is a black cat good luck or bad luck? I decided to...

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