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Thirteen Variations of James

Thursday Thirteen

Character names have been on my mind this week since I’m starting to percolate a new story in my head. It struck me when I was searching through my baby naming book how many variations there were of some names. Take James, for example. James is a nice strong name. In fact I’ve used it once already in Fancy Free. Here are some variations.

Thirteen Variations of James

1. Diego (Spanish)

2. Giacomo (Italian)

3. Hamish (Scottish)

4. Hemi (Maori)

5. Iago (Spanish)

6. Jacques (French)

7. Jago (Cornish)

8. Jaime (Spanish)

9. Seamus (Irish)

10. Shamus (Irish)

11. Jay – a diminutive

12. Jem – a diminutive

13. Jim/Jimmy – a diminutive

An extra – Jamieson – the son of James

Writers – how do you choose names for your characters? What are your favorite sources for names? What is your favorite variation for James?

I Know That Face…

The other night Mr. Munro and I were watching Psych on television. A new character appeared in the scene and we both said, “Who is that?” I recognized both the face and the distinctive voice.

Neither of us could remember which show we’d seen the actor in before.

“It’s a detective show,” I said.

Hubby just nodded. “It’s gonna bug me.”

And it did bug us—both of us to the extent that we were discussing the actor rather than watching the excellent plot.

“The Closer,” I said. “I think he’s on The Closer.”

“Yeah,” hubby said. “He’s the father.”

We both nodded.

“But that’s not where we know him from,” I said.

We both agreed and went back to being bugged.

At the end of Psych we watched the credits, found the actor’s name, which was Barry Corbin, and Googled him. Thank goodness for the Internet. It certainly solves questions like this quickly.

“One Tree Hill,” I said in triumph. “He was the basketball coach on One Tree Hill.”

Both satisfied, we moved on to the next television show and our cup of tea.

Does it bug you when you can’t recall a name? How are you at remembering names?

Naming Names.

I saw this ad on TV the other day. It’s from my favorite New Zealand store, Whitcoulls, and it made me laugh because this name problem has been me for the last three weeks. Today, I sat down and toughed it out, choosing names in much the way this couple did. In fact, I used the very same baby naming book to work out character names for my new work in progress.

How do you choose names for your characters? How did you name your kids?