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13 Places to Visit in Sydney, Australia

We recently spent the weekend in Sydney. It’s a fun place to visit with lots to do. Here are thirteen suggestions of places to see while visiting Sydney. 1. The Sydney Opera House – do a tour or go and see a show. 2. The Sydney Harbor bridge – walk over it, climb on...

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Five Great Reasons to Visit Singapore

Singapore is a small island country with a big heart and presence. Around 45 km west to east and 25 km from north to south, the population is densely packed. I’ve visited Singapore three times now, usually on the way to another final destination since Singapore is...

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13 Places to Visit in Sydney

In a couple of months hubby and I are visiting Sydney. It’s a great city with a gorgeous harbor and lots to do. I highly recommend a visit if you’re heading down this end of the world. Thirteen Places to Visit While in Sydney 1. The harbor bridge. Walk across it,...

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