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Stranded & Seduced

Romance with Muscle #smtmuscle!

I think every romance reader enjoys a cover featuring a sexy male. I’m part of a group of authors who are doing a joint promotion with 99c and Free books. But the catch is, every cover features a shirtless hero. Yay! You can view the selection of sexy muscles here....

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Addicted to Cimmaron: Tamaki from Stranded & Seduced

Our theme is My Sexy Addiction. We are addicted to love and all its many facets. Our sexiness can happen anywhere, anytime, day or night. People fall in love in many different ways. It could be on a date, at a school dance, on a hike, with the boy or girl next door,...

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Cover Reveal: Stranded & Seduced

A new member of the House of the Cat series! A pretty cover for a re-issue (Resisting Tamaki). Here’s the blurb: Resistance is futile. Cimmaron Zhaan refuses to follow the traditional path of a Dlog woman. Instead she dreams of traveling through space and flying...

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