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Moon Called – Facts and Superstitions About the Moon

The moon is fascinating—at least I find it interesting. There is nothing more romantic than a walk under a cloudless sky with a full moon. Facts about the moon: The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. The moon is 384,403 kilometers from the Earth. It takes the...

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Spider Cures and Superstitions

While doing some research for one of my books, I came across several superstitions regarding spiders. On the whole spiders are considered positive, and many people protected them from harm because they were considered lucky. Here are a few superstitions: 1. If a...

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A Black Cat Crossed the Road

What do you think when you see a black cat? Do you mutter about superstitions and run screaming in the opposite direction or do you rub your hands together and watch approvingly while the black cat prowls past? Is a black cat good luck or bad luck? I decided to...

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The Cheeky Fantail

The fantail or piwakawaka is one of our native birds. This year we’ve seen quite a few in our garden and also while we’ve been walking Bella. They’re tiny birds with a tail that fans out—as their name suggests—and they live on a diet of insects. They like to follow...

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I watched a program on the Living Channel this week about some people who purchased a Victoria-era property. The show covered the renovation of the property and also detailed the interior decorating the owners did to keep with the Victorian theme. They mentioned...

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