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Five Great Reasons to Visit Singapore

Singapore is a small island country with a big heart and presence. Around 45 km west to east and 25 km from north to south, the population is densely packed. I’ve visited Singapore three times now, usually on the way to another final destination since Singapore is...

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13 Facts About Shipboard Food on the Pacific Pearl

I’m home again after our cruise aboard the Pacific Pearl. Those who have been on a cruise before will know about the sheer amount of food available. It’s very tempting to have a little of this and a little of that and before you know it, clothes strain at the seams....

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The Holiday That Doesn’t Live Up to Expectations

At some stage during most of the cruises we’ve taken, the cruise director will read out a list of the top ten complaints/questions they receive from passengers. Here are three for your amusement: 1. The passenger with an inside cabin who complained because they didn’t...

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The Best Holiday Ever

Since I’ve just returned from holiday I thought I’d use my Pacific cruise holiday as my topic for this week’s Thursday Thirteen. Thirteen Things I Did During My Cruise Holiday 1. I tried Line Dancing for the first time ever. 2. I went to my first art auction. 3. I...

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