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Recipe: Tasty Pumpkin Salad

Pumpkin Salad Ingredients · pumpkin, diced in bite-size cubes · cumin seeds · cooking oil · feta cheese · chopped red onion · olives, black or green · can of cooked chickpeas · green beans, sliced · vinaigrette dressing [balsamic is really good] Directions 1. Sprinkle...

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Easy Vegetable Stock

In the past I used to buy my vegetable stock from the supermarket, but this month I happened upon a blog post about making vegetable stock. It looked so easy, I was astounded. Much cheaper than purchased stock too. Right, I thought. Time to try this stock thing....

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Recipe: Ratatouille

With all the great summer produce around, I love making this vegetable stew. It's great for vegetarians --serve it with rice or couscous -- and meat lovers enjoy this dish too. This recipe takes a little time but the final result is very tasty. Ingredients: 1 large...

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Five Plus a Day!

In New Zealand we have a five plus promotion that encourages us all to eat at least five servings of fruit or vegetables per day. It's surprising how many people don't eat much in the way of fruit or vegetables. I know at times cost can be a factor. At other times...

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Really Easy Quiche

This recipe is taken from one of Jo Seagar's cookbooks called Jo Seagar Cooks and as the title states, the quiche is very easy to make. It's the perfect thing for a summer picnic, unexpected guests or a quick weekend dinner. 4 eggs 1 1/2 cups grated tasty cheese 1...

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I Like Vegetables

When I was a kid there were quite a few vegetables I didn't like. My parents, however, had rules. If my brother, sister and I didn't eat our vegetables, we didn't get dessert. It was as simple as that. I learned to slog through cauliflower and parsnips, very grateful...

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