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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa #travel

This is a photo of Victoria Falls from the air. During our visit, we saw the magnificent falls from all angles. The flight over was spectacular, but my favorite place to see the falls was from the various view points. You can hear the rumble of the falls from miles...

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Shopping in the Market

This photo was taken back in 1997, I think, and this is my younger self attempting to buy avocadoes in a village market somewhere in Zimbabwe. The avocadoes were really good, and I still remember how tasty they were. I have a determined look on my face as I attempt to...

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Cycling in Zimbabwe

It’s the younger me again, and this time, I’m biking in Zimbabwe, not far from Victoria Falls. Hubby and I had been to visit a crocodile farm. The T-shirt I’m wearing was purchased in Victoria Falls, and it lasted for about 20 years. I was very sad when I had to throw...

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Shop Until You Drop!

For some people shopping is a sport. Others, like me, don’t find the past time as much fun. Battling with crowds—forget about it! There’s a few exceptions to my dislike of shopping. I can shop for books for hours, and I enjoy exploring markets, especially when they’re...

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World Travel and a Takeover

Shelley is a little busy and I have offered to blog today. Be patient, I’m a virgin blogger. Recently I’ve been scanning our old print travel photos to digital. Trying to condense them as well, since there are thousands. A very time consuming but rewarding exercise....

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