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Live the MomentLIVE THE MOMENT by Shelley Munro


Josephine Murdoch runs her own business and thrives on routine. Control. King of the list makers, she ticks them off with military precision. Seth Turner is a soldier who lives life on the edge, dances with danger and never knows how each day will end.

Live the moment…

A chance meeting turns into a holiday fling—hot, heavy and full of passion.
They’re determined to live the moment…but is that enough? Can two people from different backgrounds surpass their differences and plan for tomorrow?

Rating: contains explicit sex scenes.

Live the Moment (PDF)

The Important ThingsTHE IMPORTANT THINGS by Shelley Munro

The last person Tara Scott expected to see when she answered her door on Valentine’s Day was Max Balfour. For one shocked moment she stared, nonplused by his appearance before reaction kicked in. The day designated for lovers. Tara grasped the door for support, her heart racing like a wild, unbroken horse while she considered the irony. She had thought about him constantly since Christmas. The flutters in her stomach intensified, but she fought back, firing a scorching glare in his direction in an effort to try to hide her rising panic.

“What do you want?” she snapped, trying to counteract her anxiety with anger.

Max raked one hand through his dark, shaggy hair acknowledging her greeting with a wry twist of lips…

Rating: suitable for general reading.

The Important Things (PDF)