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January 2016

18 Jan – Get your feline shapeshifter fix! My Younger Lover, My Peeping Tom and My Assassin are now available for pre-order.

December 2015

8 Dec – Hunted & Seduced, book 4 House of the Cats is now out. Ellard finally gets his happy ending.

9 Dec – Festive & Seduced, book 5 House of the Cats is out! Christmas Viros-style.

13 Dec – Curse Across Time is out. Two charioteers and long term friends face a terrifying curse in order to find true love.

November 2015

7 Nov – Naughty, Nice and Paranormal, a Christmas box set, is now available for pre-order.

7 Nov – Wicked Alphas, Wildest Nights, another paranormalbox set, is now available for pre-order. The release date is 5 Jan 2016

September 2015

1 Sep – Visit Bitten by Romance and join the Tour of the Universe. A new author introduces their characters and worlds each day. Lots of fun and contests.

August 2015

12 Aug – Pre-order your copy of Flight of Dragons.

15 Aug – Soldier with Benefits, Military Men #2 is now available at Amazon.

23 Aug – Grab your copy of Safeguarding Sorrel, Military Men #3 from Amazon today.

June 2015

10 Jun – Alexandre, book 3 in the Alien Encounter series is now available!

April 2015

4 April – Seized & Seduced, book 3 in the House of the Cat series is out today.

7 April – Win a print copy of Mistress of Merrivale at Goodreads.

7 April – Sing a Song of the Stars, a sci-fi bundle is out today.

8 April – Lost with Leo page updated with a new and very long excerpt.

17 April – Lost with Leo, book 3 in the Middlemarch Capture series is out today.

February 2015

10 Feb – Enemy Lovers is out today!

13 Feb – New release! Favored by Felix is out today.

January 2015

10 Jan – New release! Interplanetary Love is now out. Taking love to another planet!

21 Jan – New boxed-set available. Grab several of my contemporary romances in one handy boxed-set. Ain’t Misbehaving is available now!

22 – 25 Jan – I’m taking part in the Wolf Pack Run. Captured & Seduced and many other paranormal romances are available for 99c for a short time. While you’re busy snapping up bargains, enter the associated contest to win a Kindle Fire or Amazon gift cards. Full details are available here.

December 2014

12 Dec – Merry & Seduced and Stranded & Seduced are both out!