Adventure into Romance with Shelley Munro
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Series Guide

House of the Cat

Captured & Seduced
Captured & Seduced
House of the Cat 1
Claimed & SeducedClaimed & Seduced
House of the Cat 2
Merry and SeducedMerry & Seduced
House of the Cat 2.5
Stranded & SeducedStranded & Seduced
House of the Cat 2.75
Seized & SeducedSeized & Seduced
House of the Cat 3
Hunted & SeducedHunted & Seduced
House of the Cat 4
Festive & SeducedFestive & Seduced
House of the Cat 5
Betrayed & SeducedBetrayed & Seduced
House of the Cat 6
Enticed and SeducedEnticed & Seduced
House of the Cat 7

Middlemarch Shifters

My Scarlet Woman My Scarlet Woman
Middlemarch Shifters 1
My Younger Lover My Younger Lover
Middlemarch Shifters 2
My Peeping Tom My Peeping Tom
Middlemarch Shifters 3
My Assassin My Assassin
Middlemarch Shifters 4
My Estranged Lover My Estranged Lover
Middlemarch Shifters 5
My Feline Protector My Feline Protector
Middlemarch Shifters 6
My Determined Suitor My Determined Suitor
Middlemarch Shifters 7
My Cat Burglar My Cat Burglar
Middlemarch Shifters 8
My Stray Cat My Stray Cat
Middlemarch Shifters 9
My Second Chance My Second Chance
Middlemarch Shifters 10
My Plan B My Plan B
Middlemarch Shifters 11
My Cat Nap My Cat Nap
Middlemarch Shifters 12
My Romantic Tangle My Romantic Tangle
Middlemarch Shifters 13
My Blue Lady My Blue Lady
Middlemarch Shifters 14
My Twin Trouble My Twin Trouble
Middlemarch Shifters 15

Middlemarch Capture

Snared by SaberSnared by Saber
Middlemarch Capture 1
Favored by FelixFavored by Felix
Middlemarch Capture 2
Lost With LeoLost with Leo
Middlemarch Capture 3
Spellbound with SlySpellbound with Sly
Middlemarch Capture 4
Journey with JoeJourney with Joe
Middlemarch Capture 5

Churchill Polar Bears

Fiona's MatesFiona’s Mates
Churchill Polar Bears 1
Kendall's MatesKendall’s Mates
Churchill Polar Bears 2
Renee’s Mates
Churchill Polar Bears 3

Dragon Investigators

Blue Moon DragonBlue Moon Dragon
Dragon Investigators 1
Blood Moon DragonBlood Moon Dragon
Dragon Investigators 2

Alien Encounter

Alien Encounter 1
Alien Encounter 2
Alien Encounter 3

Military Men

Innocent Next DoorInnocent Next Door
Military Men 1
Soldier With BenefitsSoldier With Benefits
Military Men 2
Safeguarding SorrelSafeguarding Sorrel
Military Men 3

Friendship Chronicles

Secret Lovers
Secret Lovers
Friendship Chronicles 1

Reunited Lovers
Friendship Chronicles 2
Clandestine Lovers
Clandestine Lovers
Friendship Chronicles 3
Part-Time Lovers
Part-Time Lovers
Friendship Chronicles 4
Enemy Lovers
Enemy Lovers
Friendship Chronicles 5