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April 2, 2010

Writing Tip: Shiloh Walker

“One thing I often hear is this…I’ve always wanted to write a book. I often respond with: Have you started it? Nine times out of ten? The answer is no.

There’s no trick to writing a book other than this. Write it. There are no magic beans, no secret ingredient, no special formula. One thing most writers have in common is the fact that we have stories in our head and we want to put them down on paper. Getting started isn’t always easy–finding the right words isn’t always easy and there isn’t necessarily any proven trick that is going to help you get that story from your head to the page or screen other than this: Write it. Even if the story sucks. I’m convinced that most of my stuff sucks rotten eggs, but I’m trusting my editors, my agent when they tell me otherwise. If you’ve got a story in your head and if you’re one of those people who ‘always wanted to write a book’…stop wanting. Start writing. Be the one out of ten who actually write the book.”

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Shiloh Walker’s latest release: Broken


  1. Nessa

    This is the #1 advice.

  2. Cari Quinn

    Excellent advice…there are a lot of would-be writers who never commit pen to paper.

  3. Amy W.

    Tee-hee! I’ve started mine but now it just sits there unfinished. I’m happier reading others. So get writing everyone I’m waiting! :mrgreen:

  4. Maria D.

    I started but it was an extreemly emotional outlet and now that I look at it…I don’t think I like it…I guess I’ll start over with something else and see what happens

  5. Mary

    I started a book about 20 years ago. when I was all done…or what I thought was all done with it…and printed it out. It was only about 200 pages long. You know, 8×10 regular paper double spaced. I think that might be about 100 pages when in small print book form. lol

    Plus, after reading it so many times, I don’t even like it anymore. But I know I wrote the one that I set out to.