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Month: January 2008

Character Traits of a Writer

Thirteen Writer Traits This week fellow author Christine d'Abo mentioned The Writer's Guide to Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein. It contains all sorts of neat information and inspired by Christine's post, I dragged it out of my bookcase. In her book the author...

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Building a Villain

Playing to Win, the very first book I wrote is a romantic suspense. I’ve written many different genres since then, but one thing remains true. I love to add a suspense element and if I can sprinkle the odd body or two between the pages, so much the better. Although a...

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2008: The Year of the Potato

Thirteen Things about Potatoes Last weekend when I visited the Botanic Gardens I discovered 2008 is the year of the potato. You learn something every day. :grin: So, in honor of the humble potato: 1. Potatoes were first "domesticated" or cultivated in the Andes...

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A Potager Garden

When we first moved to our current house the section was bare, and the soil consisted mostly of clay. After throwing around some ideas we decided to design a potager garden. A potager is French and it's a raised bed garden, normally for vegetables and herbs. Hubby...

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