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May 16th, 2009
New Photos: Samoa

I’ve updated my photo album with fifteen photos from my recent trip to Samoa. Just click on the photos tab above and start exploring my album.

9 comments to “New Photos: Samoa”

  1. Great photos, Shelley! I like the sliding rocks and I’d love to visit Samoa.

  2. I’m a clickin… but I can’t find them! Damn, too much wine tonight. Grin

  3. Great pictures. I’ve never been there, so I really enjoyed them.

  4. Kaye – the vegetation is so lush and green. It’s very pretty. I didn’t get a good shot of the actual falls but the walk down was pretty.

    Catherine – just above this post between Books and Extras. :grin:

    Debra – I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual trip to Samoa.

  5. Great photos. I would love to go to Somoa

  6. What a beautiful trip you must have had, Shelley! The lava arches, in particular, took my breath away. I’d love to go to Samoa. Someday, maybe. :)

  7. Cari – I loved the lava arches too. The color of the sea and the power of the waves was breathtaking.

  8. Wonderful–you’re a very good photographer. I loved the photo of the lava arches as well as the footsteps on the beach.

  9. Shelley, what gorgeous photos. Looks like you enjoyed your holiday – which is as it should be. :smile: