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January 13th, 2010
Conflicted with Karen Erickson.

My special guest today is fellow Samhain Publishing author, Karen Erickson who is talking about her new release. Karen’s Tangled is another hot and steamy story, perfect to provide some heat in your life if you’re suffering through a cold Northern winter.

PhotobucketI must confess something. I’m normally not a big fan of romance books featuring couples who start out hating each other and end up falling in mad passionate love. I find it kind of unbelievable and sometimes even annoying. Why the heck would you want to be with someone who drives you nuts?

Yet…in my new release Tangled from Samhain Publishing, my heroine starts out hating on the hero. She’s been chasing after another guy. The problem? The other guy has a major crush the hero. Now you can see that’s where the name Tangled came from. :smile:

You see, Scarlett can’t stand Trevor. She thinks he’s arrogant, overbearing and he’s a known heartbreaker. He’s crazy about her and he doesn’t shy away from letting her know it which she can’t help but find flattering. It doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous and charming and sweet.

She tried to resist. To the point where I’m afraid some readers might find her a complete pain. She was just so stubborn and it was as if I couldn’t control her. Some might even wonder why Trevor would put up with her. He even tells her at one point why does he like her so much when she treats him so badly.

I couldn’t make her any other way. Poor Trevor. He didn’t deserve the bad treatment from Scarlett but she uses her anger and stubbornness like a shield. To protect herself from being hurt because she knows she’s falling for him and in a big way. Then she goes ahead and throws Drake into the mix which is kind of confusing. A sexy and naughty too. *wink*

I hope everyone who reads Tangled enjoys it – and understands where Scarlett is coming from. I’m curious to see the reaction toward her. She’s by far one of the most complicated heroines I’ve ever written – and I wouldn’t have her any other way.


The girl can’t help herself…until she helps herself to a triple-hot fantasy.

Playing With Fire, Book 2

Always wanting what she can’t have. Scarlett learned this the hard way, and this time is no different. Drake, the one guy she’s hot for, isn’t hot for her. Nope, he’s hot for Trevor, the gorgeous, arrogant actor she works with. Maybe it’s time she let loose and let the right man capture her, for a change.

Trevor wonders why she can’t see that the right man is right under her nose. He’s crushing big time on the quirky, sexually confident Scarlett—a huge turn-on for a guy who’s not your standard looking-for-vanilla-sex kind of guy.

When an argument with Trevor explodes into the hottest sex of her life, Scarlett thinks nothing has ever felt so right—until Drake joins in and kicks it into white-hot gear. Trevor is astounded that she trusts him enough to make her three-way happen for her. But suddenly he’s not so sure he wants to share…

So let’s take a poll. Do you like romances where the characters start out not liking each other? Maybe feel a little wary or non-trusting of one or each other? Let me know what you think.

~ Karen

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  1. Love the sound of Tangled, Karen! And I do enjoy romances where the characters start out by not liking and/or trusting each other, although if that’s the case I do like to see the problems resolved realistically rather than just magically vanish!

  2. I do like romances where the characters start out not liking/trusting each other. It makes for some good conversations and the tension between them can get down right erotic. I do like the romance to come together in a realistic way rather than just all of the sudden happening.

  3. Hi, Karen, and Shelley!

    I think there is something about romances where the lead characters love/hate each other at the beginning, which is quite intriguing. Yes, in many ways it’s been done to death, but when it’s done right, it makes for a very emotional journey full of conflict and I love that!

    Good luck with Tangled, it sounds like a fun read! :mrgreen:

  4. Hey everyone thanks for stopping by! And it looks like you’re all fans of the love/hate relationship.


  5. Hi Karen Erickson :)
    Thank you for guesting here. I liked your description of Tangled. And your blurb!
    I like it when two characters don’t like each other at the start and you JUST know they’ll get together and it’s fun watching/reading as they overcome & do so.
    My Fair Lady is a good example of this…

  6. I do enjoy novel where the main characters start off hating each other. I like to see the hatred turn to love and lust!

  7. Since it happens that way in real life a lot I’d have to say I’m a fan of the love/hate.