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February 7th, 2010
Time for a Drink

Camera Critters

We came across these mountain goats on the side of the road near Mt. Rushmore. Hubby and I were more excited about seeing them than the president’s faces. The animals ignored us as they took a drink from the water that trickled down a rock face.


To see more photographs of animals visit Camera Critters.

10 comments to “Time for a Drink”

  1. Nice. Much better than all of the White Deer we always see.

    The Simple Things Challenge

  2. I’d be more excited about seeing them, too. In fact, I’ve yet to see a mountain goat in the wild. So I am supremely jealous.

    Especially ’cause I *have* been to Mt. Rushmore.

  3. What cool critters this week. I can’t believe how well you can capture the wildness of nature with your camera!

  4. How cool is that!

  5. Shelley, If you ever run out of posting topics, please tell us how you’re so prolific with writing. How many new books per year? How many hrs/day do you writer?

    We have some critters like this at the local zoo. :)

  6. Neat sighting of the goats, I love seeing anykind of wildlife.

  7. That is so cool, how beautiful.

  8. Beautiful creatures, I would love to see them in person.

  9. awww… mommy goat and baby? soo cute!

  10. So cute!