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March 29, 2010

My Favorite Shorts

I have a favorite pair of shorts. In fact, I’m wearing them as I write this post. They’re over five years old now and well worn. The fabric has faded. They’ve become thin and frayed at the hems. I love them because they’re comfortable.

Yesterday, I was packing for our holiday. Mr. Munro said to me, “You’re not taking those, are you? If you take those I’m not standing beside you.”

Yes, he was insulting my favorite shorts.

“No,” I said with a haughty sniff. After all, he has made his opinion clear several times during the course of this summer. Secretly, I’m hoping my shorts will make it through another summer, but I didn’t tell Mr. Munro that. Personally, I can’t see anything wrong with them. They cover all essentials, and as I mentioned earlier, they’re very comfortable.

Do you have a favorite item of apparel that you wear all the time?


  1. Mary

    I think we all have a special something that we love to wear. Mine happens to be a *I am chuckling as I write this because it’s kinda embarassing* mine are a red pair of christmas socks with white and red candy canes and little green leaves on them. I’ve had them for 7 years and I love wearing them.

    They started out being really thick and furry with a small patch of white fringe around the top, kinda a ruffle, but that is long gone…lol

    Since they are so frayed they don’t make very good socks so I mostly wear them as feet warmers while I’m sitting around in the winter time.

    But I’ve gotten smart…when I find something that fits really well, is just too darn pretty or I really love…I buy 2 of them! Just in case on gets a hole, stain, wears out…I have an extra. lol

  2. Sue A.

    I like to stick to wearing one or two jackets, for very long periods of time. But I happen to have a mother who has over a dozen jackets and still growing and is always on my case to get a new jacket. She even goes to the effort of buying me new ones.

  3. Maria Zannini

    LOL! Millennium ago, I used to wear my sweats to the gym rather than change there.

    For some reason it annoyed my husband and he would harass me about being seen in public in my sweats. ‘My body, my rules.’ I’d tell him.

    Nowadays, older and wiser, he doesn’t care what I where outside–as long as he can be with me.

    With age you realize it’s more important to be together–even if you’re in ugly sweats. :wink:

  4. Carol L.

    Mine is a pair of pajama bottoms that I’ve had forever.They are so thin now from being worn for so long and washed so many times that they feel like a second skin. My kids are always saying “Ma, you have so many pairs of pj’s why do you keep wearing the same ones. They have even started buying me new ones along with robes and night gowns on my birthday and Christmas.I told them if I got one ,ore piece of clothing for bed I’d stop accepting their gifts. They listened, and I’m back to my navy and gray plaid pj’s. At least that’s what color they used to be. lol lol

    Carol L.
    [email protected]

  5. Karen Erickson

    I had a pair of black terry cloth yoga pants that I wore until the elastic around the waist literally fell apart. I loved those pants with a fiery hot passion – they were so comfortable and fit sooooo well. It took me a long time to finally part ways with them. I still miss them. I wish I would’ve bought 30 pairs of the same pants when Target originally sold them. LOL

  6. Maria D.

    I had a favorite pair of jeans that I loved, they had some lycra/spandex in them and were extreemly comfortable and IMHO made me look sexy…unfortunatley they only lasted about 2.5 years and then kicked the bucket…I have not been able to find a pair of jeans even by the same manufacturer with the same percentages of material and it is depressing…I have since moved onto another pair of favorite jeans but they’re not quite the same…I wish I had bought like 10 pairs of these jeans …

  7. Jaime

    Last summer, I came across these fantastic capri pants. They are so light and comfy that I bought 5 of them. During the summer, I wear them out! :grin:

  8. Debra Kayn

    I’m in the PJ camp. lol I have a pair of red ones with little doggies on them that are so worn out the elastic is showing at the top and there are a few holes here and there. They are so comfy though.

  9. Shelley Munro

    Quite a few of you like PJs. I’ve never really worn PJs.

    And speaking of clothes. I was so smug that I’d packed ready for my holiday, then I found I didn’t have anything to wear when I wanted to go to the mall for a few hours to write. I was determined I wouldn’t unpack and dirty something and ended up wearing an old skirt.

  10. RobynL

    I love my purple spaghetti strap top. I wear it to sleep in and at times when I have washed it I take it and wear around the house because it is cool in the heat. I love it.

  11. Jenyfer Matthews

    I think I just bought my favorite pair of shorts yesterday – at a thrift shop for $3 :)