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April 9, 2010

Writer Tip: Jody Wallace aka Ellie Marvel

“Grammar matters. So does punctuation. Seriously, they do, and your future editors don’t exist to fix them for you. Editors reject books that need basic grammatical polishing even if the story’s good.

But here’s the awesome part. The correctness of grammar and mechanics, 95% of the time, isn’t a matter of opinion, unlike so many other aspects of writing. Revel in the security you can at least get that part of your book “right”. Just be careful, and don’t trust Microsoft or anyone who tells you to put a comma where you pause when you read it aloud or that the word “was” means you overused passive voice.”

Visit Jody Wallace’s website at www.jodywallace.com
Purchase Jody’s latest release What She Deserves, now in electrons from Samhain Publishing!


  1. JK Coi

    Hi Shelley! These tips have been great. Thanks Jodi for today’s tip. Grammar is indeed very important. Too often I’ll be reading something and it feels awkward, my brain isn’t in the story (no matter how good it might be) because I can’t get past the white page for the grammar mistakes.

  2. Kaye Manro

    Good tip, thanks Jody!

  3. Nessa

    These are all so good.

  4. Maria D.

    So glad you mentioned grammar, a subject that is often discarded by today’s society.
    Grammar is important!

  5. stacey smith

    Me I can’t Spell very good and my grammar is bad two glad I’m not a wrighter. :???: :???:

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