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April 18th, 2010
Writer Tip: Brenna Lyons

“Don’t worry about the distractions. I don’t mean telling the kids not to interrupt your writing time unless there is fire or blood. I mean the writing-borne distractions. Don’t spend your time worrying about the perfect opening line or scene, the perfect title, the perfect market… Don’t spend your time worrying about which genre fits your book best. Don’t spend your time editing and rewriting what you’ve got done. Leave all of that until the fist draft is done and then go back and do those things. While you’re allowing yourself to be distracted by the nits that you don’t need with an early draft, half the book could already be written.”

Brenna Lyons, author of the EPIC’s e-Book Award-winning TIME CURRENTS

2 comments to “Writer Tip: Brenna Lyons”

  1. Good advice, Brenna! Though I’m guilty of editing as I go chapter by chapter now. It works for me, but I did not do that on the first few stories I wrote. I just kept on writing until I finished my first drafts. That’s the way to go in the beginning for sure.

  2. Good advice- I think that writers can get distracted just like the rest of us