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April 26, 2010

Writer Tip: Maggie Robinson

“Be patient and don’t ever give up. I started writing “for fun” in 2003 and did not know anything. And believe me when I say anything. It took me three years of knocking around before I got a clue (well, a couple of clues) and met like-minded writers online. Thanks to some positive contest feedback, in 2007 I got really serious about publication—finishing, revising, querying. I landed my agent in 2008, got contracts for 8 (!!!) books in 2009, and will have 3 books out this year—the first out almost seven years to the day I woke up in the middle of the night itching to write.

Seven years is a long time and I’m not exactly a dewy-eyed debutante. My author photo is wonderfully photo-shopped. :) But I didn’t give up—and I became a better writer with every book, even the ones stashed under the bed. I learned what works—after experimenting with a number of genres, shape-shifting cats are really not for me.But I found my historical voice and hope it strikes a chord with readers over the next couple of years.

I’m debuting soon under two names. On April 27, the first of Maggie Robinson’s Courtesan Court series Mistress By Mistake, comes out from Kensington Brava. On June 1, Margaret Rowe’s edgier erotic Tempting Eden will be on the shelves from Berkley Heat. On November 30, I’ll be part of the Brava anthology Lords of Passion, also featuring romance legend Virginia Henley and Kate Pearce. Even though I’m a “real writer” now, I can’t express in words how excited I am by this turn of events.

Come visit both of me at http://www.maggierobinson.net and http://margaretrowe.net There are always contests and giveaways on one or the other site! And write, write, write, every day if you can. But if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up—life happens.”


  1. Tiffany Clare

    Yup, that’s the best advice ever. Don’t give up. EVER! If you want to be a writer, then write. If you want to be an author, than push through all those rejections and hone your craft to the best of your ability!

    Very excited about both releases!

  2. JK Coi

    I think out of all the advice a writer could get, this is the one that you should take to heart and keep repeating. A writer’s journey is fraught with frustrations and disappointments, but keep writing, keep learning, and your dreams can (and will!!) come true. Congratulations Maggie!!

  3. Elyssa Papa

    Best advice ever. (Tiff, I’m blog stalking you today, lol.)

    It’s so true. If you really want to be published, you can’t give up. I think of what Randy Pausch said in that brick walls are put in front of you for a reason–to show you how much you really want it. If you really want to be published, then you’ll take all the lumps and bumps and hardships along the way.

    Maggs, so excited about your books releasing!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on MbMistake!!! (And Tempting Eden in June!)

  4. Maria D.

    Great advice and really nice post. Love your website! Can’t wait to read one of your books

  5. Kaily Hart

    Wow, what great insights and what an incredible journey. All the best to you, Maggie!

  6. Juliana Stone

    Maggie I’m so thrilled for you. Tomorrow is gonna rock your world, the book will do wonderful i just know it!

  7. Maggie Robinson

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments! Basically I’m just one damn stubborn woman, and I feel so lucky that everything paid off. :)