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April 29, 2010

Writer Tip: Helen Hardt

“Seize the moment with sensory detail! Have you ever read a story that just didn’t grab you, even if the plot was compelling and the conflict abundant? The prose probably lacked sensory detail. Sensory detail is what infuses writing with emotion and helps the reader get inside your character’s skin. It is especially important in romance writing, where the success of the story depends not only on the reader’s allegiance to the hero and heroine, but also to the building emotion and sexual tension between them. Help the reader see, hear, taste, smell, and feel everything the character does. While writing a scene, ask yourself what your heroine sees. Are there any smells? Tastes? How does she feel on the inside, both physically and emotionally? How do her surroundings affect her? Your scenes will come alive, and your reader will turn the pages rapidly, and then feel a sense of sadness when the story ends and look frantically for your next book!”

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  1. Jaime

    Excellent advice, Helen! ;)

  2. Kaily Hart

    Awesome advice!

  3. Kaye Manro

    Great tip, Helen! thanks!