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May 5, 2010

Writer Tip: Cheryl Brooks

“I don’t know if my tip is unique or not, but when I’m writing, I keep what I call a tracking sheet on each book. Whenever I start a new chapter, I add in the chapter number and the page it begins on. This enables me to know just how long each of my chapters is and when I should start thinking about ending them. I keep that and a synopsis and a style sheet with character names and a few brief characteristics in separate files on my computer and update them as I go along. The style sheet helps me keep character names and spellings, (which are always hard to remember since I invent most of them) within easy access of my increasingly Swiss cheese brain so I don’t have to go back and scan what I’ve already written looking for the name or description.”

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  1. Kaye Manro

    This is a good tip, and how organized! Sounds like something we writers should give a try. Thanks!

  2. Maria D.

    As a reader I would have to say that anything that keeps you organized in your own story is great. I hate to feel like I know a character and then have them do something that is completely polar opposite of them for no reason, always makes me wonder if the author forgot the traits that he/she had already given to the character. :grin: