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July 10th, 2010
Sea Plus Horse Equals Seahorse

Camera Critters

My photo this week was taken at the Kona Seahorse Farm in Hawaii. Those elegant fingers are mine. :grin: I love seahorses and think they’re the coolest creature. They fascinate me. Besides, any species where the male has the babies is doing the right thing.


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5 comments to “Sea Plus Horse Equals Seahorse”

  1. oh wow! lovely capture!

  2. Wow, I have never seen one up close so this is a treat. They have a quiet beauty about them and this is a fantastic shot.

  3. Wonderful picture and I’m with you 100% on your reasoning!

  4. Seahorses are so cool.

  5. Thanks, Magiceye. It was a very interesting visit to the seahorse farm.

    Joanne – they certainly are fascinating.

    Anny – Thanks. I thought most women would agree with me.

    Mary – I agree. I love watching them. It’s a shame that they’re becoming increasingly rare in the wild.