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July 13, 2010

Foster Puppy: Patch Adams Update

I can’t believe we’ve had Patch for four weeks. On Thursday or Friday I need to ring the SPCA and book him in for a vet appointment. All incoming and outgoing dogs have a vet check to keep any possible diseases under control. As I’ve said, he’s a wonderful dog with a very good nature. He has continued to grow in confidence, although the odd thing throws him. On Saturday Mr. Munro got out the leaf blower and attempted to start it. Patch didn’t like it one bit and took off to hide behind the garden shed. If he’s frightened outside of the section he sits down and refuses to move.

After the leaf blower scare, we finally extracted him from behind the shed and took him to the Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful winter’s day and hubby, Patch and I had a fine time walking and exploring the gardens.


Touch wood, he hasn’t chewed anything for a while. The bones seem to keep him happy. His latest trick is pulling all his blankets out of his kennel and tearing around the lawn with them. I’ll be writing and look out the window to see that the lawn has suddenly sprouted blankets everywhere.


A bird’s nest attracted my attention.


We explored the herb garden.


This is the bed of poppies near the cafe. We had a coffee and sat at one of the outside tables. Patch sat and watched everyone. I was so proud of him.

On Sunday we took him to the Farmers’s market. Patch wasn’t as confident with all the people around but he did pretty well and only did his stubborn sitting thing once by the mushroom stall. He travels well in the car.

Patch has even started barking a little. He has a rough, deep bark that’s quite pleasant to listen to. If you’ve lived with a shrill bark before you’ll understand this comment totally! He’s grown like a weed and will grow bigger yet.

He’ll make someone a wonderful pet.


  1. Debra

    I’m so glad you did a Patch update. Man, you gotta love his ears, so cute! Sounds like he is doing really good. I think every dog has “something” it doesn’t like. Our oldest dog hates cameras. I just pick one up and it runs to hide. lol

    Good luck at the Vet’s!

  2. Mary

    He’s so darn cute. I’m glad to hear he’s getting along better now. Those pictures are so nice, loved them.

  3. Karen Erickson

    He’s really cute. I’m glad to hear he’s doing so well. And those flowers are so pretty! I love poppies.

  4. Maria D.

    Thanks for the update on Patch…he sure looks like a different dog than when you first got him- I hope your not too heartbroken when you have to return him..

  5. Nessa

    He’s very handsome.

  6. Fedora

    How neat, Shelley! Thanks for the update! What a cutie :)

  7. Shelley Munro

    My sister and I were talking. He definitely needs a pirate name rather than patch. Maybe one of the characters from Pirates.

    And I have to say, he’s only cute when he’s not chewing important stuff.

  8. N.J. Walters

    He’s so cute. I think it’s amazing that you and your hubby are fostering puppies from the SPCA. Very cool!

  9. Lisa's Chaos

    Sounds like he’s getting along fine! lol, the blankets sprouting in the yard, lol. sounds like he keeps you on your toes! I love those poppies!!!

  10. Shelley Munro

    He definitely has the cute factor, NJ, even when he’s being naughty.

    Lisa – the poppies were a beautiful splash of color. All the spring bulbs are starting to come out too, which makes me think winter is on its way out!


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