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July 16, 2010

Consent to the Cowboy with Abby Wood

My special guest today is fellow Carina Press author, Abby Wood. Abby is here to tell us about her recent release, Consent to the Cowboy. This is another book I’m looking forward to reading and one that is locked and loaded on my Palm reader. I’m thrilled to have Abby visit today, especially since she’s talking about some of my favorite things–rodeo and country fairs.

Thank you for having me here today, Shelley. It’s a pretty exciting time around my house lately. Not only has Consent to the Cowboy been released at Carina Press, but it’s also county fair time in my part of the country. To celebrate, I’d love to give away a copy of my book to one lucky person who leaves a comment today.

For me, county fair means rodeo time! These are small time rodeos where town favorites compete for the championship. Year after year, we attend and cheer on our favorite rider. From barrel racing, calf ropin’, bull ridin’, and team ropin’, every highlight of the rodeo draws a big crowd. Heck, if two hundred people show up, that means almost the whole town attended. We start’em young too. Our four year olds are sat atop the back of a calf and let loose within the ring. We grease up pigs and encourage our children to go catch their dinner.

Consent to the CowboySpirits run high, beer flows fast, and words take on more meaning. It is the one chance to meet with your neighbor who lives five miles away and get caught up on how their crops are growing, how many heads of cattle they are planning to run through the winter, and to catch up on the local gossip.

Behind the fencing, personal bets are taking place. Although, that’s not what we call it…it’s bartering. I’ll give you one goose for three laying hens if O’Reilly wins the next round! We always come home with new animals. Gotta watch out for some of them seasoned farmers though, they’ll hoist a mean rooster off on the innocent adults who have just begun their journey into country livin’.

The rodeo also means a stressful time for the women. We find out who is the best cook, the best pie baker, and who canned the most over the summer. We brag about how many nights we stayed up listening to the lids popping on the dill pickles sitting out on the counter, and we’ve sworn our man not to utter a word about the steak we burnt last week. Bad news like that stick in other women’s memories for a long time and you’ll forever be asked to bring a jello salad to the next potluck. You have to earn the right to bring a main dish, ya know.

I’ve attended quite a few fairs. Some are more centered around carnival rides, entertainment, and businesses trying to sell their products. I really enjoy them, but it’s the small local fairs that feel like a family reunion and gathering spot for the neighbors that I love the most.

Do you go to any fairs in the summertime? What kind of fair do you have in your area?

In Consent to the Cowboy, the first chapter takes place at a small town rodeo. You can read the first chapter of the book here.

Here’s the blurb for Consent to the Cowboy

Surrounded by beer-swilling, skirt-chasing cowboys her whole life, barmaid Daphne Norris has no intention of ever settling for any of the men in her Podunk hometown. So when bronc rider Will Hanson sends shock waves to her core with just one glance from his striking green eyes, no one is more surprised than her.

But Will is no ordinary cowboy, and he can see that Daphne is no ordinary small-town girl. He can sense in Daphne the quiet strength and devotion needed to satisfy a man like him, a man who needs to be on top, in every aspect of his life.

Daphne hasn’t ever succumbed to her submissive desires before, and Will awakens her in ways she never imagined. While she’s not prepared to give him her heart, she agrees to Will’s offer of three days of intense pleasure, and then she’s walking. But Daphne falls hard and fast, and now she has a decision: return to a normal life, or give up everything for Will…

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Multipublished author Abby Wood lives in the Pacific Northwest. A huge animal lover, she enjoys the many animals on her farm and the wild ones that roam the forest. In her free time, she loves to ride motorcycles, garden, go fishing and play tennis. She loves to write stories that allow readers to escape into a brand-new world.

You can find out more about Abby at www.authorabbywood.com, visit her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AbbyWoodFanPage and follow her on Twitter at @MsAbbyWood.

Contest: Don’t forget – Abby is giving away a copy of Consent to the Cowboy. Just answer her question and one commenter will be chosen as the winner.


  1. Laurie G

    OOH YA!! nice excerpt! I like the instant chemistry, her innocence matched against his experience. The gallantry with the kiss on the back of her hand and later her wrist…The NEED!!

    Fairs – We go to Wisconsin’s Germanfest every year. It’s the last weekend of July held down by Milwaukee’s lakefront Summerfest grounds. Lot’s of ethnic food spanferkel (roast pig), funnel cakes, strudel, goulash…
    Great music: polka bands ,Johny Hoffmann, yodeling, Chickeria
    Lots of dancing, beautiful costumes. Loads of fun!!

  2. Christa

    I don’t think we get at lot of fairs in the area. As a teenager I went to some that were about half hour away (don’t even know if they are around now) I prefer the fair to be on the smaller side, crowd wise. The fair you discibed sounds awesome

  3. anne

    Loved your post today and congratulations. We have a lovely fair every year which is wonderful to attend. It brings back great memories for me of life back when things were simpler and enjoyable.

  4. Sherry S.

    I haven’t been to a fair since I was in school and that’s been around 23 years. When I was younger I loved them but the older I get I just see them as a waste of money.

  5. Fedora

    Hi, Abby! There is a fair that comes to the county every summer, but we missed it this year :( It was earlier than usual, and it didn’t work out… the kids love the rides and the animals and the food :)

  6. Abby Wood

    Laurie – I’ve been to one “brat and beer fest”. I ate so much! lol I must have a little German in me, because all the food was delicious. – I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

    Christa – I like the smaller ones too. I think they center more around community and you end up socializing more than spending your money.

    Sherry – I have four kids… I grumble about the cost of the carnival rides every year. lol

    Anne – That’s it! I get the same feeling. I imagine what it was like years ago when the fair was the only time you got together with neighbors and were able to swap recipes and show off your pies.

    Fedora – Oh bummer! Hopefully you’ll catch it next year. I could spend hours in the animal barns. Our fair always makes sure there are lots of baby animals for kids to pet. My favorites are the calves. There is nothing softer than the top of a calves head…baby soft.

    Thanks again for having me here today, Shelley. *hugs* I’ll announce a winner here on the blog around 5pm P.S.T. :wink:

  7. Heather

    I absolutely loved reading this book as part of Happily Ever After Reviews and I want so much for my husband to read this novel, but money is tight and with two young kids and our college expenses (for us), luxuries such as novels don’t happen often.

  8. Abby Wood

    Hi Heather *waves*

    I agree, your hubs should read it, so your name goes in the cowboy hat for the drawing. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Your review made my day!

  9. Cheryl Lynne

    We have a state fair that moves around Maine. It starts around the end of July and lasts for ten days. It’s a lot of fun. I haven’t gone for a while ,maybe I might go this year.

  10. Andrea I

    Our fairs come in the fall. I haven’t been to one in years since my children are all grown up.

  11. Abby Wood

    Cheryl – I’ve always wanted to go to Maine. I live in the coastal mountains, and I always imagined Maine would be a lot like the area here.

    Andrea – I would love if the fairs were in the fall here. We have them the end of July, beginning of Aug, and sometimes the weather is so hot.

  12. lorettaC

    There is plenty of fair here in Central Pa and I go to a lot of them.

    [email protected]

  13. Abby Wood

    Hi Loretta,

    Lucky you! I would love to experience other fairs in different locations. I think fairs really pick up the local “flavor”. It would probably give me a lot of ideas for new stories.

  14. Abby Wood

    Before I announce the winner, I’d like to thank you all for commenting today. I enjoyed hearing about your fair going experiences.

    Shelley – *mwah* You are the best. I hope you come to visit me when your Carina Press book comes out.

    Okay, I threw everyone’s name in the hat, and….

    Cheryl Lynne is the winner!

    Cheryl – If you could send an email to me at [email protected] I’ll send you a pdf copy of Consent to the Cowboy.

  15. Mary

    Opps, sorry I missed the contest but looks like you all had fun..I wanted to say, the book sounds great! Congratulations on the release. :)

    I actually haven’t been to a fair since my daughter got older and started going with her friends. I’ve been to my fair..(ehehe) share of fairs though.

  16. Lisa G.

    Your book sounds great! I can’t wait to read it. We have a few county fairs around here all summer long though it’s been awhile since I have been. I love the ones with the animal blue ribbon contest plus the carnival rides and fairways.

  17. Shelley Munro

    We have what we call A & P Shows (Agricultural and Pastoral) where there are animals, jams and cake contests, fairground rides, etc. Sometimes they have rodeos as well. We used to go every year when we were kids and have picnic lunches on the hill overlooking the showgrounds. I have some great memories of the shows.

  18. Abby Wood

    Mary – I’m always popping up somewhere and giving away copies of my books. (Hint: I have a new release coming out Tuesday. lol) Thanks for commenting. :-)

    Lisa – Thanks! Another fair lover, I love it!

    Shelley – I have a feeling our “county” fairs are like your A & P shows. Lots of contests going on with sewing, baking, canning, and a whole bunch of animals.

  19. Gayle O

    I go to a lot of fairs in the Summer. Summer offically starts at Taste of Chicago. Oh, the food is so good. I think the best fair is the Wisconsin State Fair. I also go to the Illinois State Fair. There are a few smaller county ones which we try to hit but the bigger State Fairs are more fun.

  20. Abby Wood

    Gayle- Just the name “Taste of Chicago” makes me hungry. lol State Fairs are huge, I’ve been to the Washington and Oregon State Fair. You almost have to go for 2 days just to be able to see everything.

    Thanks for posting!