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August 14, 2010

Baby Animals…Aw, aren’t they cute?

Camera Critters

There’s nothing cuter than baby animals. I’ve posted these before, but I thought I’d repost them together as a set.


This is Patch Adams, the puppy we fostered for the SPCA. He’s now adopted out and is hanging out with his new owners.


This is Bugs. He was weaned about six months ago and has left the farm to live with his new owners.


This is Thursday, named because this was the day she arrived at the farm. Someone dumped her and she made herself at home with my sister. She’s growing well and is a cutie. The little green ball isn’t doing as well. My sister stood on it and broke it!

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  1. Tamsyn T

    All cuties! Very lovable. Unfortunately living in an apartment is not very conducive to owning a pet.

  2. Shelley Munro

    True, apartments aren’t the best for pets.

  3. Gemma@Greyscale

    Adorable collection of babies here! Especially love the beautiful wide eyes of the kitten!

  4. Carol L.

    How precious, especially thos little colts. :)
    Love it.
    Carol L.
    [email protected]

  5. Nikki-ann

    WHo could resist baby animals. So cute! :)

  6. Shelley Munro

    You just want to cuddle them, don’t you? :grin:

  7. Mary

    Love baby animal pictures :)

  8. Heather

    Tamsyn said: “Unfortunately living in an apartment is not very conducive to owning a pet.”

    HA! tell that to the people who own my complex. Cats (which are generally small) and (almost) anything in a cage or aquarium I can understand, but you should see the size of some of the dogs they allow in here! I swear some are as big as a horse. At least they finally wised up and started limiting dogs to only two per apartment. There was one family that had five dogs in a 2-bedroom!

    Shelley: I don’t blame your sister for adopting Thursday–what a cutie! Shame on her for destroying the pretty baby’s toy, though! lol

  9. annalisa

    All of the pics are adorable! :smile: