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January 14th, 2011
New Zealand: White Island

White Island, NZ

White Island, NZ

White Island is one of New Zealand’s volcanoes—the most active one. The island is privately owned and was once mined for sulfur. I’d never seen White Island before and was looking forward to our visit. We had perfect weather and the volcano puffed out a little steam for us. Part of the crater has collapsed, allowing views of the inside. The cruise ship sailed around the island several times allowing 360 views.

5 comments to “New Zealand: White Island”

  1. Great pics, Shelley, especially the second closeup.

  2. Shelley your pictures are magical..It makes me want to hop on a flight and see it in person…

  3. New Zealand is beautiful. It was fun exploring my own country for a while.

  4. Shelley, those are beautiful pictures. Your pictures always come out so good.

  5. Thanks, Mary. I love my digital camera and take it with me everywhere. I have to say, though, that for each picture you see, there are dozens you don’t. :grin: