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March 23rd, 2011
Bella Graduates From Puppy School

Last night was Bella’s final class at puppy school. The seven weeks have passed really quickly and have been good for all of us. On the run up to the final class we worked hard with training, practicing several times each day. Our training paid off big time last night when the instructor ran a competition. It was a bit like muscial chairs. The puppies walked in a circle and the instructor shouted out commands for them to sit or drop. The last puppy to complete the command each time was eliminated. Bella sat and dropped like a champ and beat out the last puppy to win bragging rights. She was a real little star and both hubby and I were very proud.

Bella received a certificate stating she’d completed basic training.


At the end of the class we watched a demonstration of obedience and agility training with some older dogs. I’d love to do agility training with Bella but she’s not old enough yet. She needs to be 18 months old but she’s not quite six months yet. That’s something to consider in the future.

Meantime, hubby and I feel like proud parents…

11 comments to “Bella Graduates From Puppy School”

  1. Can that puppy get any cuter? OMG, you just want to hug her.

    Congrats to you and Bella finishing doggie school. Has she stopped her nipping yet?

  2. That’s awesome! She is so cute.

  3. Did Bella eat the paper? Just wondering? :smile:

  4. Maria – she’s still nipping a little bit but she’s getting better. We have good days and naughty days. Today is shaping up as a naughty day. I’m not quite ready to let her inside and I see she’s tried her hand (or paws) at some creative gardening. Mr. Munro is going to growl.

  5. Mary – she is cute but is an excellent little guard dog. She told me all about the man on the neighbor’s roof last week. (He was putting up an aerial) I hadn’t noticed him but she sees everything!

  6. LOL – Catherine. Everything goes in Bella’s mouth. Simply everything.

  7. Yaya, huge congrats on Bella doing so well. You should be very proud.

  8. Congrats on completing puppy school! I wish some of my neighbors would enroll their pets in obedience school. :wink:

  9. Looks like she’s taking a well earned rest.

  10. great post… nice dog

  11. Bella is lovely – I have enjoyed many of your posts and hope to keep returning to find more tidbits…