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December 15th, 2014
Is this the face of a murderer?


I was out for most of the day, and I arrived home with my spiffy-looking hair to find Bella waiting at the door for me to let her inside. That’s not unusual, but what was out-of-the-ordinary was the body lying beside her.

Now, I know Bella gets a little irked at the birds taking baths in her water bowl. She chases them away if she sees them splashing in her bowl, but did she catch this bird and swiftly dispatch it?

Shelley, the detective, did some detecting…

1. There were no feathers littering the scene of the crime. They were all still on the bird.

2. Bella hadn’t tried to snack on the body. It was fully intact.

3. When Mr Munro removed the body there was blood pooled beneath the body. Shelley refused to touch it!

Detective Shelley concluded that this is not the face of a murderer and the bird killed itself by flying into the window.

Ah, the relief. We’re not harboring a felon.

5 comments to “Is this the face of a murderer?”

  1. I’m sure you’re very happy to figure that out. Such a sweet face.

  2. I was very glad! I walked into the house, saw the body and thought, oh, no!
    I made hubby remove it. I love seeing birds in the garden but I don’t like them coming too close. A weird phobia thing I have!

  3. ROTFL!

    I’m so glad Bella won’t have to stand trial.

  4. Yes. Luckily I was a good lawyer :)

  5. Whew. What a relief:)