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April 18th, 2017
The White Heron or Kotuku

While the white heron is common in Australia and parts of Asia, we’re lucky to see them. They are considered rare in New Zealand. The Maori called them kotuku and their white feathers were highly sought for decoration. It is known as a graceful and beautiful bird and is featured on the New Zealand two-dollar coin.

We have a resident kotuku in our area. He or she hangs out at the local pond where he wades and fishes for fish and eels. We never know when the heron will be at the pond, and it disappears for months at a time.

Here are a few photos taken during one of the kotuku’s visits.





A beautiful bird. Have you seen one before?

3 comments to “The White Heron or Kotuku”

  1. That’s a beautiful bird but I’ve never seen one before.

  2. I love herons. They’re so graceful. I even have an iron pair of herons in my front garden, and one as my weather vane.

    Finding a heron weather vane was a total fluke. The original owner of the house picked it out. But it felt like kismet when we saw it. We knew there and then we were going to buy that house.

  3. Mary, they’re quite a big bird and Maria is right. They are so graceful when you see them flying.

    Maria – a heron as a weather vane would be so cool. Beats a rooster every time.
    They have a lot of herons (I think they are more cranes) in Chinese artworks. I’d hang them on my wall any time.