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January 1, 2024

Obsessed with Wombats


Beautiful wombat in the Australian bush, in a Tasmanian park. Australian wildlife in a national park in Australia eating grass.

Facebook has learned I’m an animal lover and sneakily tailored my page to receive many animal posts. For the last three or four weeks, I’ve been getting Wombat Rescue pics in my feed. They were so cute and the posts interesting, so now I follow the progress of Molly and Maggie, two baby wombats who lost their mothers, and Dipsy, an adult who was found hiding in an outdoor pizza oven and suffering from mange.

The babies are the cutest things. Just adorable. At the moment, they’re tiny and don’t have fur. But they do have massive claws!

Dipsy has been very sick, and his survival was touch and go. So far, he is improving and is starting to eat and take gentle exercise. My fingers are crossed that Dipsy makes it. I’m invested in his recovery. New Zealand has fantastic birds, but Australia has such interesting and unique animals.

Note: I’m pleased to say that Dipsy recovered well and the three girls are growing at a fast rate. For up-to-date pictures and information, check out Wombat Rescue.