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March 17, 2024

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Most people know about St. Patrick’s Day. We might’ve attended a parade or lifted an Irish bevy in salute, but here’s some background and a few fun facts.

1. St Patrick’s Day, originally a day to honor St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, has evolved. Today, it’s a celebration of all things Irish—its rich culture and heritage, making it a day of national pride.

2. We celebrate on the 17th of March, which is said to be St Patrick’s day of death.

3. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland that has become entwined with St Patrick’s Day. Shamrock is a type of clover, and the three leaves stand for hope, faith, and love.

4. St Patrick’s Day is not just an Irish affair. It’s a global celebration embraced by Irish descendants worldwide. For instance, Chicagoans have been turning the river green every year since 1962. Similarly, other places host parades and Irish-themed parties, showcasing the festive day’s universal appeal.

5. Green is commonly associated with Ireland and St Patrick’s Day, and Ireland is also called the Emerald Isle. However, the connection with green didn’t come about until the 18th century. Before this, blue was the chosen color.

6. The largest St. Patrick’s Day parade occurs in New York.

7. Drinking Irish beers and whiskey is a big thing worldwide–a way to celebrate the day. Also, Irish coffee!

8. Lastly, traditional foods you might eat on St Patrick’s Day include shepherd’s pie, corned beef, soda bread, colcannon (mashed potato with additions), and cabbage. People might also start their day with a full Irish breakfast.

This year, our village is having an afternoon picnic in praise of all things Irish and our Irish heritage.

How do you celebrate the day?