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Thursday Thirteen

Tea for Two

I'm researching tea and tea-leaf reading for another work in progress, so here you go - Thirteen Things about Tea 1. The art of reading tea-leaves, or tasseomancy, goes back thousands of years to ancient China, when tea was first drunk. The practice developed as a...

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A Whole Lotta Shakin’

Thirteen Things about What Makes the Earth Move Not what you first thought, I bet! I've been researching earthquakes for a work in progress. There are some great myths that explain why the earth moves, and I thought I'd share. 1. India: The Earth is held up by four...

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Back in the Eighteenth Century

Thirteen Things about Life and Sex in the Eighteenth Century 1. Coffee houses were places for men to meet, take refreshments and read newspapers, but even here they got into trouble with the opposite sex. Coffee-house owners were blamed for providing attractive...

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