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aspiring writer

Writer Tip: Larissa Ione

"Celebrate everything. Probably seems like a strange writing tip, but in this business we take a lot of knocks and hard hits. It’s important to keep your spirits up, and one way to do that is to keep a bottle of champagne (or whatever you celebrate with) handy at all...

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Writer Tip: Victoria Janssen

"Read everything you can, both inside and outside your genre." Visit Victoria Janssen's website at www.victoriajanssen.com Purchase Victoria's latest release, The Moonlight Mistress

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Writer Tip: Samantha Kane

"Editing: The most important thing you will ever do. I'm not kidding. First, self-edit. Find your style. Do you like to edit as you write? Do you prefer to finish the first draft and then go back and edit? Fine. The important thing is that you do it. You may scoff,...

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Writer Tip: Ashley Ladd

"Find a good critique partner (or two) that you trust and work closely with them. A second set of eyes to view your work and give input is invaluable." Visit Ashley Ladd's website at www.ashleyladd.com Purchase one of her releases or read excerpts at Ashley Ladd's...

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