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13 Green Household Cleaning Tips

I’m a big fan of using natural items for cleaning around the house and will use vinegar, baking soda, lemon and salt over manufactured items. Not only is it better for the environment, but it works out much cheaper too. Thirteen Green Household Cleaning Tips   1....

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The Miracle Can

The Rocket Chemical company scientists invented WD-40 to help prevent rusting and corrosion in the aerospace industry. NASA used it for their rockets. According to the WD-40 website, the original formula was so good that it’s still in use today. These days the product...

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It’s All About the Fizz

About two weeks ago, my sister told me about this new program she'd started watching on the Living Channel about organizing wardrobes and cleaning. My first thought was "Huh! There's no way I'm getting excited about housework and cleaning!" While our house is...

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Sexy Pantyhose

Pantyhose are a fairly recent invention. Allen Gant invented the modern form of pantyhose in 1959, and a seamless version was manufactured by Glen Raven Mills in 1965. I wear them on occasion, but I'm not a fan. I find them uncomfortable, and because I'm tall it used...

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Red Alert!

Picture this... Sunday morning. Early. Mr. Munro is out of bed, and he's in...insert big groan here...clean-up mode. First it's the in-basket with all our bills and invoices etc. "Do you want this? Why are we keeping this?" I had to rescue several items before they...

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