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P is for Pavlova

Here is a recipe for a very traditional New Zealand dessert. Pavlova is especially popular at Christmas time and our family celebrations always include a pavlova for dessert. Picture a huge meringue that has a soft marshmallow like texture in the center and a crisp...

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Recipe: Ginger Slice

This is a recipe I discovered in an Australian cookbook titled Country Women’s Association, Biscuits and Slices. I’m such a fan of ginger and simply had to try making the slice. The results were excellent, and it’s one that I’ll make again in the future. The scent of...

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Easy Chocolate Mousse: Little Pots of Yummy Goodness

My husband made these little chocolate mousses last weekend. They were quick and easy to make and delicious! Here's the recipe: 75 g dark chocolate, chopped and melted. (Use ordinary chocolate rather than chocolate with high cocoa content) (2.5 oz) 2 eggs, separated...

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Where Do I Take My Date?

I picked up a fun book during my last visit to the library. It’s called Guide to Great Dates by Paul Joannides and Toni Johnson and give details of places to go, an estimate of cost, the things you need to do to prepare ahead of time plus phone numbers and internet...

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