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Ancient Libraries: Library of Celsus

As a booklover, I adore libraries, and I spend many happy hours working and researching in my local library. Libraries have been around since ancient times, and today I thought I’d highlight the Library of Celsus at Ephesus in Turkey. This is one of the best preserved...

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Thirteen 18th Century English Resource Books

I’m busy researching in preparation to write a new historical romance series. My chosen time period is 18th century England, and here is a list of my current reading. Thirteen Non-Fiction Books on English History 1. Great Houses of London by James Stourton, Publisher...

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13 Benefits of the Public Library

My introduction to libraries came at a young age, and I haven’t looked back. I spend hours in the library, so it’s a worthy topic for a TT. Thirteen Benefits of the Public Library 1. It’s free. Anything free is good. 2. A library houses books and gives away...

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Where Do I Take My Date?

I picked up a fun book during my last visit to the library. It’s called Guide to Great Dates by Paul Joannides and Toni Johnson and give details of places to go, an estimate of cost, the things you need to do to prepare ahead of time plus phone numbers and internet...

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