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So I Told Her Everything… #cute #animals

Camera Critters

I took this photo at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. It always makes me smile because it looks as if the sheep are gossiping. At least, the first sheep is and she’s put the other one to sleep.


What do you think the sheep might be saying?


Camera Critters

There’s a lot of waiting around at a show. Waiting for the judges to come by…waiting for dinner…waiting…


This photo was taken at the 2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show. To visit more animal photos please go to Camera Critters.

Dinner Time at the Goat Pen

Camera Critters

I took this photo at the Royal Sydney Easter Show at the start of our cruise holiday. I can’t remember the name of the breed, but they were very cute.

Goats, Sydney Easter Show

To see more animal photos visit Camera Critters.