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La Seigneurie Gardens, Sark #travel

This is part two of my Sark posts. Here is part one.

La Seigneurie Gardens on Sark are in the grounds of the mansion of the same name. The oldest part of the house dates back to 1675. Over the years, additions have added to the building. According to the La Seigneurie website, the formal gardens were planted on land purchased in the 19th century. Each year there are new additions such as the maze hedge in 1991 and the vegetable garden is evolving since the produce is used in the tearooms/restaurant.

Sark_Horse Park

We navigated the horse and cart park and the tractors to get to the gardens.

Sark_Tractor Bus

Sark_Garden and Residence

View of the house from the gardens.

Sark_Shelley in Maze

Checking out the hedge maze.


I love the vibrant blue of cornflowers. So pretty!

Sark_Pretty Flowers

This photo reminds me of a painting. I had a ball taking flower photos.

Sark_Local Characters

The local characters said hello.

Sark_Tea to warm up

After wandering around, we had a cup of tea to warm up in the garden tearooms before we headed to the meeting point to catch our ferry back to Guernsey.

Sark_Guernsey Port

The port of Guernsey.

If you ever get a chance to visit Sark, I say grab the opportunity. It’s a fun place to unwind and switch off from the daily rat race, and for the keen photographer, there is heaps of inspiration. Highly recommended.

A Day Trip to Sark #Travel

Sark is one of the Channel Islands, 80 miles south of England. The island often appears on our news because it has a small population and is a royal fief, which means they set their own laws and have a parliament. The island is also carless.

When the chance came to visit either Guernsey or Sark, hubby and I chose Sark and set off on the local ferry. Transport comes in the form of tractors towing a trailer, with bench seats for passengers, horse and cart and bicycle.

We rode up the hill from the ferry in the tractor, stopping by a bicycle hire place to choose our “steads”.

ABicycle Hire

The main township branches off into lots of small lanes. We had fun getting lost as we pedaled down the road and tried to avoid the tractors and horse and wagons. They were road hogs, but excellent and fun photo opportunities.


The weather was brisk, a little chilly with the threat of rain, but we enjoyed our day anyway.


ASark Countryside

A view of the countryside. Much of the island is agriculture and they try to be as self-sufficient as possible. Tourism is a big earner for Sark. It would be a brilliant place to switch off from the world and get some writing done.


We cycled to Sark Henge, a smaller version of Stonehenge. It was set on a cliff, overlooking the sea. A beautiful spot. The Henge is a recent addition, a ring of stones erected to mark 450 years since Queen Elizabeth the First granted Sark to the Seigneur of St Ouen, on 6th August 1565, to be precise. The ring is made up of nine old gatestones of pink Jersey granite.


ASark henge


That’s it for today. I have more Sark photos to come soon. It was a picturesque place and the drinks during our rest break weren’t bad either.