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scavenger hunt

Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Danger! Take a walk on the wild side…   IF YOU DARE   Take part in the Summer Scavenger Hunt. Start at the www.pnrlovers.com, visit all the authors, find the answers to the questions on their sites and win! Prizes: 1st – $125 Amazon Gift Certificate 2nd –...

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Fidgeting: It’s Good News

Most of the Wii Fitness games--Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Active and Your Shape include fitness tips. One of the tips on Your Shape mentioned Fidgeting. Fidgeting is when a person is uneasy or restless and they move their limbs in a nervous manner. Did you know fidgeting...

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Can You See Into the Future?

This is a shot of Albert Park (named after Prince Albert) in Central Auckland. It's not far from the university and on a fine day, it's the perfect place for students to eat their lunch. Mystery writer JA Konrath has a very interesting post about e-books and what he...

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