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13 Excellent Writing Podcasts

This year I’ve embraced podcasts and especially those that discuss writing or self-publishing. Here are thirteen of my favorite writing podcasts. 1. The Creative Penn – this is one of my absolute favorites and I always learn a lot. 2. Rocking Self-Publishing – another...

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Inspirational Holidays

Filling the creative well… The run-up to our recent holiday was wrought with tension and stress, and there was a moment there when I thought we’d never get on the plane. We had a death in the family plus my father had an unexpected op and a month-long hospital stay....

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Authors, Grab a Coffee and Tackle Social Media

Last year, author Amy Denim visited my blog with a post about Business Plans for Writers. It’s an excellent post and I recommend that you check it out. After hosting Amy, I decided to check out some of her other books, and I purchased The Coffee Break Guide to Social...

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Thirteen Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Writers

I’ve been in a writing mood recently, which is great from my point of view. Today, I wrote “the end” on my current work in progress. Since my mind is in the groove, I thought I’d give some advice to aspiring authors. 1. Sit down and write every day. Make writing into...

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