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Hunted Pack

Troubled Mates, Book 3

Hunted Pack


Small-town secrets often wriggle free…

Her New Year fling vanished without saying goodbye.

Learning that he’s the new town cop shocks Claire, and unfortunately, tender feelings have blossomed. Crushing them is almost impossible, and strong, sexy Fergus wants nothing more than a casual friendship.

Shifter Fergus Murray hides his dragon status and upholds the human law in small-town Te Anau. A woman shattered his heart, and now he fiercely protects the remnants. Friends, he can do, but nothing more. Until Claire…

A werewolf’s murder brings danger to town, and that’s the start of the mysterious crimes and his humongous problems, especially when Claire gets dragged into the middle of the trouble.

Hunted Pack features a shapeshifter cop hunting for a murderer, a town full of secrets and gossip, and a human woman with an attraction she can’t deny for a paranormal man. She wants more than one night and is willing to give him a second chance to readjust his mindset. Friends to lovers is the ultimate destination.

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