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January 5, 2014

Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones

Since I had a bottle of cream in the fridge, I decided to make scones today. I also had some fresh blueberries. Yes, I thought. A marriage made in heaven.

These scones are incredibly easy and quick – a no-fail recipe.

Blueberry Scones

4 cups self-raising flour

pinch of salt

300 ml/ 10 fluid ounces cream

300 ml/ 10 fluid ounces lemonade or soda water

Generous handful of fresh blueberries


1. Preheat the oven to 220C/425F. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

2. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl. Make a well in the center.

3. Add the cream and lemonade or soda water. Toss in the blueberries. Mix together carefully until you have a soft dough. Do not handle the dough too much.

4. Turn the dough onto a well floured board and roll (gently) into a rectangle. Cut into around 12 pieces and place on your baking tray.

5. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the tops are golden brown.

6. Remove from oven, place on a clean tea towel to keep until ready to serve.

7. Serve with whipped cream and jam or plain butter if you prefer.

Shelley’s Notes:

1. If you don’t like blueberries, replace with 1/2 cup of raisins, dates or dried cranberries. You could also add grated cheese or leave the scones plain and sprinkle the top with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

2. Americans – use a can of Sprite for the lemonade or you could use fizzy mineral water.

Eat and enjoy!


  1. Mary Kirkland

    That’s an easy recipe and it looks delicious.

    • Shelley Munro

      Very quick and easy, Mary. I like a recipe that’s adaptable to my mood too.

  2. Maria Zannini

    hmm… I froze some leftover cream a few weeks ago and have been wondering how to use it. I’ll have to see if it’s enough for this recipe–or maybe make a smaller batch.

    Thanks, Shelley!

    • Shelley Munro

      The scones freeze very well too, Maria. I ended up freezing half of the batch.

  3. Nancy Henderson

    I love scones. There is a little coffee shop in Sackets Harbor, New York that makes all kinds of scones. I get a coffee and a toffee scone usually. It’s a great place to just sit and write!

    • Shelley Munro

      A toffee scone sounds interesting. I’m a big fan of cheese scones too.

      • Nancy Henderson

        Cheese scones are yummy too!