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January 7, 2014

Relaxing at the Summer Palace

Thailand was one of our stops during our recent cruise. We’ve visited Bangkok before, and this time we elected to do a trip to see Bang Pa-In Palace, in Ayutthaya Province, which is where the Thai royal family always spent the summer. The current king and queen still hold receptions and banquets here and use part of the palace as a residence at times.

The gardens are gorgeous, full of flowers and mature trees. There are loads of pagodas and places to sit and rest with views of the garden and large bodies of water.

Pond_Bang Pa-In Palace

Peaceful bodies of water to stroll past and admire.

Pagoda_Bang Pa-In Palace

Bang Pa-In Palace

Pagodas to admire  Flowers_Bang Pa-In Palace

Gorgeous flowers everywhere

Garden Topairy

Topiary -  A herd of elephants. They had lots of different animals—a real menagerie, but the elephants were my favorites.


The locals checking us out as we strolled through the gardens.

Royal residence

A corner of the current royal residence. I loved the Wedgewood-like scroll work.

There were lots of other tourists present during our visit, yet the place seemed to absorb everyone and retain its peaceful air.


I enjoyed our visit very much, and immediately plot bunnies started jumping around inside my head. Travel does that to me. The grounds and buildings are now a part of a scene in Snared by Saber, my current WIP.

What do you think of the topiary? Have you seen other shapes?


  1. Mary Kirkland

    Love the topiary. I have seen other animals done here in Vegas. Deer and giraffes mostly.

    • Shelley Munro

      I’ve always thought it would be fun to try to do one but have never got around to it. I like giraffes in any form.

  2. Maria Zannini

    Look at you in that posh hat! I love hats. They never fit me well, but I love ’em.

    I’ve seen all kinds of topiaries. The most unusual one I ever saw was a dinosaur.

    • Shelley Munro

      Maria, I like hats too. I purchased this one at the Sydney Easter show a few years ago.

      A dinosaur topiary. I wonder if I could make one of those out of our hedge.

  3. Heather

    Looks like an interesting place to visit. Love the elephant topiaries. Olbric Gardens in Madison has bears, and another botanic garden in our area had storks when i last visited.

    • Shelley Munro

      All the different shapes must take some planning!