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October 2nd, 2008
Beards – oh, my!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Types of Beards

In local news the Warriors, our New Zealand rugby league team, all grew facial hair leading up to the playoffs for the NRL. It was the source of much comment and took them all the way to the semi-finals before they were knocked out of the contest. Yesterday they all shaved off their beards to raise money for charity. So, in honor of the Warriors I give you thirteen types of beards.

1. Ducktail – a long slender, neatly trimmed beard reminiscent of the tail of a duck.

2. Muttonchops – thick sideburns trimmed to resemble mutton chops.

3. Van Dyke – a short, pointed beard without sideburns.

4. Assyrian – a long beard with plaits or spiral curls.

5. Barbiche – a small tuft of hair under the bottom lip. Also known as a barbula.

6. Cadiz – a pointed, medium length beard, originating in Spain.

7. Rat’s nest – a descriptive term for an uncombed or ungroomed beard. Also described as a bird’s nest.

8. Peach fuzz – light, pubescent whiskers.

9. Screw – a short, slender beard that is twisted or twined, popular in the seventeenth century.

10. Old Dutch – a short, square-cut beard with a clean shaven upper and lower lip.

11. Trojan – a thick, curly beard of medium length.

12. Satyric tuft – a chin tuft named after Satyr, the half-goat, half-man from Greek Mythology.

13. Miami Vice – the unshaven look, more than five o’clock shadow but less than a beard. Popularized by the 1980s cop show.

Source ~ taken from one of my favorite writing books, Building Believable Characters by Marc McCutcheon.

What do you think about beards? Would you like your man to wear any of the above? Would you inflict any of these on your characters?

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21 comments to “Beards – oh, my!”

  1. I have to confess – I’m not a big fan of men with beards, although there are a few who could convert me on the short-term! LOL!

    Interesting list, though – I never really thought about the fact that different styles of beards would have special names. I guess that makes me a bit of a dingbat, then?

    Ciao! Happy TT!

  2. So many beards— who knew?? :eek:

    Gotta say, I’m not big on facial hair. Oh – except ‘Sawyer’ from LOST who makes the Miami Vice scruff look sexxxxy.

  3. I love a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. Not much into the clean shaven look, mainly because of whisker burn when they forget to shave lol Happy T13!

  4. Cool! I never knew there were so many types of beards. I do love me a scruffy man. Yummmm. Happy Thursday! *HUGS*

  5. Man! I’m going to have to find a copy of that book…who knew there were so many names for beards…

  6. Who would have thought all that facial hair had different names? I know some women enjoy it, not so much for me! ;) Happy T13, Shelley.

  7. wow, didn’t know there was so many different kinds of facial hair…

  8. These are really helpful for descriptive purposes.
    I wonder which category The Redneck’s beard would fall into?
    Great TT, Shelley.

  9. It’s funny, but I’ve only given a hero a beard once, but my dh has had one most of the time I’ve known him – for over 20 years.

  10. OMG! Great info! Love your TTs, chica! I always learn something new. :D Trojan beard? Named after Gerald Butler’s “300”? :lol:

  11. That’s so cool. I like goatees, or the Miami Vice not much for the Trojan look.

  12. Interesting TT! I didn’t know there were so many different types! LOL!


    My TT is at http://tinyurl.com/4zejcp

  13. My DH has a beard – goatee. My eldest has … *sigh* … a satyric tuft that’s about four inches long and looking messy. Ugh. It’s bright red (naturally) where his hair is brown. Personally I like facial hair on a guy – as long as it’s kept neat. But that tuft needs a trimming.

  14. After my extensive research into the matter I’ve decided that some men look good with a beard or facial hair. If they keep their beards well-groomed they can look very sexy.

    Mr. Munro grew his beard when we traveled through Africa. Let’s just say he made a good Santa Claus when we spent Christmas in Nigeria. I was glad when we arrived in London and the beard came off!

  15. I haven’t heard about “Building Believable Characters” by Marc McCutcheon. I’ll look for it.

  16. Sounds like a very helpful book.
    Happy Thursday to you, Shel.

  17. Hi Sandra. It’s a great book. Mine is well-thumbed and starting to fall apart. Happy Thursday to you, too.

  18. Never been a big fan of facial hair, either. One exception: Joseph Fiennes in “Shakespeare in Love.” Now that was a look that worked for him!

  19. Love a scruffy man!

    Thanks for the book suggestion, I’m going to go find that one!

  20. I knew some of the names, but only because my partial goatee looks like a Miami Vice beard by the end of the work week.

  21. I’m not really into beards.

    My Pisctish characters usually have goatees because that’s the way they’re carved in those stones, but in case of the MCs I tend to mention the goatee once or twice in the novel and prefer to forget about it. :smile: I simply don’t see them that way.

    My Germanic/Viking characters may have a bit of scruff, like Eomer (drools). But only bad guys have beards I keep menitioning for some reason, and not all of them.

    Hadrian has one, of course. Can’t escape all those busts of him. :grin: