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Thursday Thirteen


13 Excellent Writing Podcasts

This year I’ve embraced podcasts and especially those that discuss writing or self-publishing. Here are thirteen of my favorite writing podcasts. 1. The Creative Penn – this is one of my absolute favorites and I always learn a lot. 2. Rocking Self-Publishing – another...

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Thirteen Quotes About Bodies, Weight and Exercise

Body image is constantly in our media and front and center. Here are some interesting quotes about body image, weight and exercise. 1. I would rather be called funny than pretty. ~ Nia Vardalos 2. Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a...

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13 Quotes About Success

Most people would like to enjoy success. Here are some inspiring quotes to set you on your way… Thirteen Quotes About Success 1. There is no point at which you can say, “Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” ~ Carrie Fisher 2. Anybody who’s really...

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13 Random Travel/History Facts from Britain

Recently, I’ve been reading editions of Britain, one of my favorite travel magazines. It’s full of articles about different places in Britain and covers heritage, culture and various happenings in the UK. It’s a great magazine to read when planning a visit, which is...

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13 Things About Anything Goes

Last weekend, we flew over to Sydney in Australia to go to a show at the Royal Opera House. We saw an oldie but a goodie—Anything Goes. Thirteen Things About Anything Goes 1. Anything Goes is a musical. 2. The music and the song lyrics were written by the famous Cole...

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13 Cinderella Romances

The fairy tale of Cinderella is one of my favorites, and over the years, many authors have taken the tale and given it their own twist. It’s a romantic tale with a handsome prince, a beautiful heroine, a villain and the traditional happy ending. Here are Thirteen...

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13 Places to Visit in Sydney, Australia

We recently spent the weekend in Sydney. It’s a fun place to visit with lots to do. Here are thirteen suggestions of places to see while visiting Sydney. 1. The Sydney Opera House – do a tour or go and see a show. 2. The Sydney Harbor bridge – walk over it, climb on...

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A Field Guide to Dragons

Dragons were a popular subject with scholars, especially Victorian ones. They took on the task of cataloguing dragons. The categories are as follows: 1. The Wyvern: The name orginates from the Saxon word wivere or serpent. Its large body coiled, it had eagle’s legs...

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13 All Black and Rugby Facts

The World Cup Rugby tournament is currently underway in Britain, and as I write this the quarter-finalists have been decided after several weeks of pool play. I’ve been cheering for the New Zealand team. Thirteen All Black Facts 1. The All Blacks are New Zealand’s...

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