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October 23, 2008

Killer Heels

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about High Heel Shoes

I came across an article in our local paper about killer heels and how quite a few models were falling off their heels on the catwalk. This article inspired my TT today.

1. In 1533, Italian born Catherine de Medici brought high heels into vogue for women when she insisted on having heels made for her in Florence prior to the wedding. The 14 year old vertically challenged bride set the rage in Paris for the new “It” shoe.

2. Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci is rumored to be the inventor of high heels.

3. In the mid 1500’s, chopines became popular. Chopines are an extremely tall shoe that reached heights of 24″. The higher the woman was in social status, the more restricted her movement was, forcing woman to carry canes or servants to help them.

4. High heels tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, slender and more toned legs.

5. High-heels come in a wide variety of styles, and the heels are found in many different shapes, including stiletto, pump, block, tapered, blade, and wedge.

6. Reasons for not wearing high-heels include:

they can cause foot pain
they can create foot deformities, including hammertoes and bunions
they can cause an unsteady gait
they can shorten the wearer’s stride
they can render the wearer unable to run

7. Reasons for wearing high-heels, which are almost exclusively aesthetic, include:

they change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves.
they change the wearer’s posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion.
they make the wearer appear taller.
they make the legs appear longer.
they make the foot appear smaller.
they make the lower leg muscles more defined while wearing tight pants.
they make the wearer look flexibly strong.

8. Podiatrists often comment that 75 percent of their business is caused by females wearing tall high heeled shoes.

9. There’s nothing worse than a woman who can’t walk properly in a pair of heels. Practise! In How to Walk in High Heels Camilla Morton recommends the supermarket aisle as a place to practice your high-hell glide, with the trolley as your balancing tool.

10. Wear shoes that fit! Shoes that don’t fit are one of the biggest causes of blisters, calluses and corns. Shoes that are too big will make you stretch your feet out and may lead to an unladylike trip. shoes that are too small hurt like hell.

11. Don’t wear your heels all day and all night. Give your feet a break. You need to know when to call it quits and pull out the flats.

12. Scholl Party Feet (or any similar gel pad) should be a close acquaintance when wearing high heels because they help to minimise the burning pain on the balls of your feet.

13. Don’t drink and heel. It’s a fact that killer heel face-plants are more common after a few drinks. If you’re planning a night out maybe try shoes that don’t require you to concentrate to maintain balance?

And a final extra:

If you’re a shoe fan, check out Gemma Halliday’s High Heel mysteries. Here’s the link to the first book in Gemma’s series. You could also check out a DVD called Kinky Boots. It’s a really funny look at cross-dressing and an English shoe manufacturer. I highly recommend both Gemma’s books and the movie.

I have to admit, I’m not a shoe person. All my life I’ve had trouble finding shoes to fit because I have big feet. When it comes to shoes I go for comfort but I do suffer from shoe envy at times. Some of them are very pretty.

Are you a shoe person? If so describe your favorite pair of shoes. If not, tell me your worst shoe experience.

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  1. MsMenozzi

    I’m not a fan of heels at all, I have to admit, though I do wish I could wear *some* sort of heel with my work duds… My clunky Rockport walking shoes don’t look “dressy” enough. :(

    Oh, yeah – well done plug, there, btw… ;)

    Happy TT!

  2. Adelle Laudan

    I think most women look great in heels. unforunately, I’m already 6’2 and don’t need to be any taller lol Happy T13!

  3. Leah Braemel

    I’m not a high heel person anymore because my feet just can’t take them. But the funniest story (because it wasn’t me) happened to a friend of mine – a GUY friend of mine back in college days. Those were the days when everyone wore 4 inch platform shoes. My friend wasn’t doing anything, just standing there, when he ‘fell off’ his platforms and broke his ankle so bad he was in a cast for three months.

  4. Stephanie

    Very interesting! :) I rarely ever wear high heels. They kill my feet. LOL Happy Thursday!

  5. Tempest Knight

    Oh-ho! I knew I had a good reason for not wearing high heels…or more like high hells. Hahaha!

  6. Alice Audrey

    Leave it to a Medici to introduce a popular new torture device.

  7. Debbie Mumford

    Uhmmm…I am SO not a shoe person *LOL*

    I’ll stick to my Birkies, thank you.

  8. Heather

    I am NOT a shoe person. I hate shopping for shoes, and always have trouble finding a pair that fits comfortably. Love Gemma’s series, though!

  9. Amy Ruttan

    I can’t wear heels, well you saw me at Nationals. It’s why I wear flats, plus they’re murder for walking.

  10. julia

    Definitely not a shoe person. I have a knee problem and a prior foot injury that can’t take the angle of a heel, so flat shoes are it for me. And I’m not too sad about it. I usually have one pair of work shoes, one casual, and wear them till they’re worn out.

    But this was a fascinating T13.

  11. Paige Tyler

    High heels are sexy! My favorite brand is Mia. They’re cute and comfy! I gotta admit, though, that I’m mostly a Birkenstock girl! Love my Birkies! LOL!


    My TT is at http://tinyurl.com/4zejcp

  12. Emma Petersen

    I love high heels. I love shoes. And I love Gemma’s series and the movie Kinky Boots. Hehe.

    One of my favorite pairs of high heels are electric blue patent leather pumps with a snakeskin heel and open toe. Ab. So. Lute. Ly. love them! :mrgreen:

  13. Marissa Alwin

    You always find the most interesting facts!
    I am SO not a heels person. I like my sneakers and going barefoot.

    When I do have heels on I spend most of my time sitting because my feet start aching. My husband doesnt mind that i dont wear heels since he is only 2 inches taller than me.
    ps my TT is http://maureengianinio.blogspot.com/ about the NJ lighthouse challenge

  14. Amy W.

    I hate heels. But that’s more the swimmer in me along with my huge feet. When you spend most of your life barefoot on a pool deck heels aren’t often your friend. That being said I think heels are sexy at hell and I’m jealous of all of you who can wear them. :evil:

  15. Christina Phillips

    OMG. 24″ heels?! I love high heel sandals especially with glittery bits(!) but that just brings tears to my eyes!!!

  16. R.J. Lebeau

    After that fashion show, I showed the pics to a female friend who wears similar style heels. I pray that she doesn’t take a spill or break an ankle one of these days.

    Happy TT

  17. Shelley Munro

    Not many shoe fans in the comments. :lol:
    24″ is a bit much. I’d be a real giant if I wore those!

  18. Mel

    I’m not a heel person. They look good… but I’m never comfy in them.